Silicone pads on front foot

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  • Help correct alignment of the foot and relieve painful inflammation.
  • Thick silicone gel cushions are good for high impact sports.
  • Built in high density shock absorbing protection for heels and feet.
  • Improved stability helps alleviate over pronation in people who have pronated feet.
  • The U shape fits around the border of the heel, and helps to improve the stability of the heel.
  • Provides maximum comfort while walking or standing.
  • Useful :Great for use on high heels, flats, boot and dance shoe,sport shoes,ect. Insoles is work well with high heel when you take part in dancing party ,birthday party, wedding party Evening ,keep your feet from hurt for full feet with long time. Best choice for you .
  • Reduce foot pain: Our soft gel cushions that relieve pressure and support soft gel cushions ,Relieve pressure on bunion joint,Help alleviate foot pain ,Reduce the blister when wear the shoes with our gel pad.
  • Stay in place : This gel insoles available to adjust the high heels 's size ,if you shoes are too large for you and Stick enough to keep the pad stay in the place.

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