Click n Pееl - Knife for peeling, slicing and shaving

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Click 'N Peel features three razor-sharp blades on a rotating head for simple peeling, shaving or slicing

Shave, peel and slice fruit and vegetable in second!

You can toss out your other peelers because the 3-in-1 Click ‘N Peel, As Seen on TV, does it all! It features three sharp blades on a rotating head to peel, shave and slice fruit and vegetables quickly and easily. Just “click it” to switch blades. And, it comes with a sturdy storage case to protect the cutting edges when not in use.  

3 Stainless steel curved blades

The Click ‘N Peel replaces three peelers! Use the standard blade for prepping carrots, potatoes and apples. Switch to the serrated blade for tough-to-peel items such as tomatoes, peaches and kiwi fruit. The julienne feature allows you to quickly and safely zest citrus fruit, create decorative garnishes and salad toppings, or make thin strips of your favorite firm-fleshed produce.

Shave and slice like a chef!

Just ask any professional cook; the right tools make a big difference in the kitchen. This all-in-one peeler features premium-quality construction of plastic and stainless steel, plus a special curved design to make your food prep faster, easier and more efficient. The rotating design means the blade you need is only ever a click away! No more searching through drawers for the right peeler.

Peel and prep for a balanced diet

The health benefits of eating more vegetables and fruit are on everyone’s mind. Now, they can be on your plate, too! The Click ‘N Peel simplifies the job of preparing fresh produce. You can quickly add extra nutrition to your everyday meals and create vitamin-rich snacks, too. Carrot sticks, anyone?

The 3-in-1 Click ‘N Peel, from As Seen on TV, is a great buy and versatile must-have for every kitchen!

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